Roberta Annan

We are thrilled to have the Global Force for good that is Roberta Annan as a speaker at the 2019 African Odyssey. If you are serious about having a life of impact, you want to be part of this journey with us and we have made as affordable as we can this year through strategic partnerships.

Roberta Annan holds a Masters Degree from Georgetown University in Biotechnology. She was the youngest African to be inducted into the African Leadership Hall of Fame and is part of the Young Leaders Circle for Milken Institute as well as a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Through the African Fashion Fund which she founded, Annan has previously organized internships for African designers at companies including Edun, the socially conscious clothing label founded by Ali Hewson and her husband Bono, and Macy’s, via its DC Fashion Incubator.

If her name sounds familiar to you, it may be because Roberta Annan worked with the late and phenomenal Franca Sozzani on the special issue of Vogue Italia called “Rebranding Africa” and as a project developer she was responsible for all the arrangements and the meetings on the continent. She is quoted in WWD Magazine having said, “And after doing that, I realized that there was such a demand for African fashion and lifestyle and beauty, but you could not identify or see these anywhere. So I created a foundation to address those challenges, and through my foundation I issued an annual fellowship that would take an African designer from Africa to a fashion city around the world to study for six months and we would pay for all of that. And that converted to a business incubator where we were supporting the business ideas, and we are now in talks with Parsons to do a short course certificate that African students can actually take on the continent.

I was approached by the U.N. to partner on this fund, so it has even escalated to a major thing, which is 100 million Euros that is going to look at not just fashion — we’re also going to look at theatre and film, and we’re also going to look at music.”

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