Shirley van Wyk

Shirley van Wyk started her Marketing career in Los Angeles in the Feature Film industry 18 years ago. Since then, she has worked in advertising and as a brand communication specialist ventured back into Marketing when taking up her role as the Marketing Manager for Boschendal in 2016.

A firm believer that 1 + 1 can equal endless opportunity, Shirley is an advocate for collaboration and leveraging synergies to construct exciting new avenues to unlock value – particularly where the benefit is so much more than profit alone. Luxury is so much more than just a price tag – and finding what is luxurious to the heart is more important that what is luxurious to have and to hold.

The empowerment of the next generation of women leaders is not an exercise to be left to only one arm of society. The Boschendal Marketing genius has been instrumental in shaping the theme of African Odyssey 2019 in order to ensure practical and tangible results for the delegates attending this year.

Shirley’s passion is leaving every space better than she found it and as young women in business, you will have the opportunity to interact with her at this year’s Odyssey as well as take in her address at the charity cocktail dinner hosted the evening of the African Odyssey.